Rainbow Express Dance Company

Dance studio in Norco, California 92860

Kinder Dance Classes (REC. ROOM) Mrs.Mary

Mondays~           4:00-5:00pm Ballet/Tap (Ages 2-3yrs.)

                      5:00-6:00pm Ballet/Tap (Ages 4-5yrs.)

                      6:00-7:00pm Ballet/Tap (Ages 4-5yrs.

                                                 with 1 1/2 yr Exp.)

 Tuesdays~   4:00-4:45pm Kinder Ballet (Ages 4-5yrs.)

                           5:00-6:00pm Baby Express ( by audition only ) 


 Wednesday~ 4:00-4:45pm Jazz (Ages 4-5yrs.)

                               5:00-6:00pm combo Ballet/Tap (Ages 4-5) 


Thursday-      5:00-6:00pm Baby Express  (By Audition Only.)

Beginning Classes Miss Leslie

 Monday~         4:00-5:00pm Beg. Tap (6 and up)

              5:00-6:00pm Beg. Jazz (6 and up)

                              6:00-7:00pm Beg. Hip-Hop 


 TUESDAYS~     6:00-7:00pm Beg. Ballet ( 6 & up ) Mrs. Mary

Intermediate Classes (Game Room) Miss Kayla

Tuesdays~ 4:00-5:00pm Intermediate Hip-Hop

                      (1 1/2yr. experience)

           5:00-6:00pm Intermediate Jazz

                                            (1 1/2yr. experience)

                         6:00-7:00pm Intermediate Ballet

                                             (1 1/2yr. experience)


Baby Express

Tuesday and Thursday- 5:00-6:00pm

This group is our youngest performing/competitive dance group

To have your dancer enrolled in this class they must be between the age of 4-6 and be evaluated by the instructor for proper placement.

Jr. and Sr. Company

Mondays thru Thursday- 4:00-9:00pm


 This is our performing and competitive dance group....

Classes are handed out with the following criteria:


 Dancers ability, Dancers age, Teachers judgement to put the

dancer where they will improve the most. Each child in this

company will be required to take all dance styles each week.